It’s That Grinning Cat Again

Cheshire Cat

It was my goodbye to the beach morning as I prepared to leave for home after my brief Welsh holiday, and I just had to get a snap of the jolly Cheshire Cat they had on the seafront, part of the Alice in Wonderland theme. The locals must have thought I was some mad eccentric from across the other side of the border as I crouched down to meet the cat eye to eye. It took me a few attempts to snap him because it was very overcast and I wanted to get my exposures right. I didn’t want to blow his teeth gleaming white from his head, or smother his furry details in dark shadows. When I got back I was asked …

“What took you so long?”

I replied, “I couldn’t get the darn cat to smile!”

West Shore, Llandudno, Wales. April 2017.

Just in case folk were wondering why the Alice in Wonderland theme, apparently Alice Liddell, a little girl who inspired Lewis Caroll to write the famous books, lived in a house called Penmorfa (sadly now demolished), along the seafront.


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